TR PSEP has invested in a number of manufacturing licences to meet customer requirements.

Torx plus 3

Torx Plus®

Available in a standard or tamper proof version, the Torx Plus design increases torque transfer, therefore extending tool life, and increasing productivity during assembly.


  • Allows high torque transmission
  • Virtually eliminates camout
  • Reduces tool slippage and application damage
  • Reduces drive bit wear, extending tool life
  • Reduces fatigue and muscular stress during manual assembly

Anatomy of MAThreadL


A patented system to prevent cross threading - the unique first threads align with the bolts accurately ensuring optimum assembly time.

This feature has been incorporated in the design of the engine sump plug for a newly developed model. The clear advantage is that at both original assembly and subsequent servicing thread damage is avoided. The principal usage is in the automotive industry.


  • Anti Cross Threading Feature
  • Use on Externally Threaded Parts 
  • Aligns Components 
  • Improved Torque Control 
  • Clears Clogged Threads 
  • Improved Ergonomics 
  • Faster Installation Time 
  • Reduces Thread Damage 



Strux® self clinching studs and nuts offer a stronger and more reliable assembly to traditional clinch fasteners. Resisting push out or rotation when installed, Strux® fasteners save significant time and cost compared to welded or other staked fasteners during installation, specifically when combined with Mathread®.


  • Displacement Lobes 
  • Retaining Ring & Groove 
  • Replaces Welding Options 
  • Use Automated Installation 
  • Installed after Painting or Coating process 
  • No Heat Created  


  • Excellent Strength 
  • Resists Push out and Rotation 
  • Eliminates Welding 
  • Reduces Potential for Corrosion 
  • Provides Cleaner Appearance 
  • Improved Placement Centreline Tolerances

Phillips Mortorq Super

Mortorq® Super

A design that provides an enhanced drive capability and up to 25% material reduction to the head. This shallow head fastener has a good appearance and provides customers with the opportunity to reduce weight in vehicles. This drive is also available in a tamper resistant style.

An advanced high strength drive system with exceptionally shallow recess depth. Full mating contact between driver and fastener provides secure high-torque installation, while the shallow recess allows minimal head height reducing component weight.


  • Low Profile Head 
  • Super High Strength Recess 
  • Elegant Appearance 
  • High Level of Security 
  • Full Driver Contact over Mating Surface 


  • Eliminates Clearance Problems 
  • Offers Extreme High Torque Capabilities 
  • Promotes Lighter Weight Assemblies 
  • Reduces Component Material Costs 
  • Speeds Assembly and Maximises Torque Control 
  • Contributes towards “Greener” products 

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